Our hardware encryption secures 100% of your network data including smart devices with less than 1/1000 of a second delay in internet speed.

We currently support up to 200 MBPS.


No matter what your set-up Datacamo integrates seamlessly.

The Datacamo router can be hardwired to your existing Wi-Fi system or simply elect to use the built in Datacamo Wi-Fi. Either way your data will be 100% encrypted.



Our end point server connections and static user IP addresses make sure all Internet services are available and fast.

Stream and browse as you like with no throttling, censorship or proxy server blocking.


All data from your network is encrypted by default at the router level with the IPSEC-256-AES standard. The same standard used for Top Secret data by the U.S. Government.

No software to install on any of your devices.

No worrying about toggling off your VPN service for speed or access to content.


In order to keep your access truly private, Datacamo provides all of the same services as an ISP including DNS resolution, load balancing and IP address assignments.

The Datacamo network focuses specifically on maximizing user connection speeds, while encrypting 100% of all network data to the Internet.

VPN connections typically experience declines in speed and often run into proxy server blocking issues from the content providers, making them undesirable for most homes and offices that are looking for full time Internet privacy. 


As an Internet Privacy Provider (IPP) it's our job to keep your data private.

Our transparent user dashboard shows you everything we have stored for account purposes, and we don’t log anything else.

Our privacy policy is straight forward:

1) You know what we have

2) That information stays between us

3) Nothing else is logged so we can't disclose it... no matter what. Even if subpoenaed.



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The major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can no longer be trusted to keep your information private. They have lobbied for decades for their rights to use your data they collect and every year they gain more ground including the repeal of Net Neutrality and common carrier laws in 2018. 

DATACAMO's mission is to provide you and your family this Right to Privacy without sacrificing the great benefits of the Internet.

In addition to privacy, our network restores Net Neutrality for our customers by preventing the ISP from throttling specific content because they have no visibility to the data. 



 August 3, 2018 - Trump asks for Supreme Court removal of Net Neutrality. 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday to vacate a 2016 appeals court ruling that had upheld Obama era “net neutrality” rules that barred internet service providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing content.