Privacy should be a choice.

Starting now you can make that choice again.

You are no longer required to surrender your data in order to connect to the Internet.


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Internet Privacy Provider

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IP addresses, domains & URLS of the pages you visit, time you spend on each site, sequence of pages, links you follow, how often you open an application, how long you spend using the app, your operating system, devices in your home, data transmission rates, billing information, whereabouts of your wireless device, GPS info, locations you visit, blue tooth connections, phone type, tv viewing data, phone calls, text messages, data gathered through cookies, credit score, aggregated data purchased from 3rd parties and all information, including passwords, on non-secure websites (HTTP vs HTTPS).



1 in 4 Americans have been a victim of identity theft. With growing data stores and more companies collecting and abusing user data, experts expect this to number to continue to grow.

The ISPs control some of the most robust data honeypots in the world and are prime targets for hackers. They also provide backdoors to the government that can be exploited by other malicious actors.

Preventing the ISPs from storing your data eliminates an ISP security breach affecting you.



Most people only have access to one broadband supplier and over 90% only have access to two options. The large ISPs have control over the “last mile” infrastructure giving them special privilege from the government and exclusive access to you as their customer.

The ISPs were previously regulated under common carrier laws protecting your data but in 2017 this protection was repealed. The ISPs are now building out advertising networks and buying content providers to further their hold on Internet access.