We developed the first of its kind infrastructure that provides seamless Internet Service without scary data leaks.

20+ years of experience


Our router encrypts data faster than any software solution and hits a price point unseen before now. We reach download speeds of 300 MBPS with only 1.7ms delay while encrypting 100% of your data with IPsec 256-AES encryption. The same standard the U.S. government uses for Top Secret data transmission.

Our end-to-end network starts in your home or office, with our customized WI-FI Router, and terminates at one of our Points of Presence (POPs) in key Internet Exchange Points. This ensures that your ISP and hackers do not have access to your data and cannot sell, use or disclose your information to 3rd party data brokers, corporate hostage groups, bounty hunters, private detectives or to government agencies.

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In contrast to typical VPN services we build our own infrastructure focused on speed and security. We operate all of our own end points and only our routers can connect to our system making our network secure from typical areas of vulnerability in software and 3rd party services.

You no longer have to trade convenience and speed for security and privacy.


Your data security is our priority and to accomplish this we don't log your internet traffic or any unnecessary account information.

All of your top line account data, that we must have, is transparently displayed on your user dashboard,  It includes, your name and email address, name of your ISP, IP addresses, total data usage, and referral information to credit your account. All billing information is handled through Stripe so we do not hold financial data or credit cards. 


We connect directly with all major streaming and gaming servers to make sure your Internet works as it always has. We issue static IPs to your home to make sure these vital entertainment services have no disruption. Other VPNs use proxy servers which can violate important distribution agreements and geo-fencing rules so they need to be turned off when using these at home making your connection vulnerable.

Bonus: Since the ISP cannot see what connections you are making, they cannot throttle (slow down) individual web services.

“User confidence is crucial for digital economy. Customer as a product and unsafe privacy are not sustainable business models. Digital is sophisticated enough to combine Security, Convenience and Personal Privacy.” 

- Stephan Nappo