full time privacy.

Hardware Encryption Wi-Fi Router + Datacamo Service


Fast, Secure, Private Internet with No ISP Throttling

$199.99 Including 6 Month Subscription

Bonus Privacy Features Include

Core Ad Blocker + Mobile VPN


$14.99 / MO





Our hardware encryption secures 100% of your network data including smart devices with only 1.7ms additional latency.

Combined with our own servers, bandwidth and peering relationships at Key Internet Exchange Points we achieve throughput and preferred routing that no cloud VPN service can compete with for quality of service and streaming speeds.

We currently support up to 125 MBPS.


No matter what your setup, Datacamo integrates seamlessly.

The Datacamo router can be hardwired to your existing Wi-Fi system or simply elect to use the built-in Datacamo Wi-Fi. Either way your data will be 100% encrypted.

Yes. It works with VOIP, Cameras and Home Assistants.



Datacamo restores Net Neutrality even when your government won’t.

Our VPN service gives you back the Internet the way it’s meant to be.

Game, stream and browse as you like with no logging, no throttling, no censorship and no proxy server blocking.

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Datacamo doesn’t use 3rd Party or Cloud Servers

It’s just You and Us






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Datacamo Core Ad-Blocker

Automatic ad Blocking for all your devices with no software to install. 

We allow you to block ads and trackers on our Core Equipment so they never even get to your home or office. Extra secure and extra fast Internet.

Up to 50% of the data usage on most webpages are advertisements. If you have limited data, you are paying to have those ads sent to you, and either way they are slowing down your connection. 

Yes... its included.

$9.99+ Value per Month


Security On the Go

Browse on public Wi-Fi with the same privacy you have at home. The Datacamo Mobile VPN gives you protection on your laptop, tablet or cell phone when you are on the go.

Our Mobile VPN also prevents the cell carriers from accessing your browsing and application data in many cases.

Add up to 15 devices at no additional charge.

$9.99+ Value per Month


Always-On VPN with No Device Management or Proxy Blocking

100% of your home or office traffic is encrypted before it hits your ISPs network by our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Router so all your Smart Devices are also protected with no software to install. 

Plug in the router, activate your account and enjoy the fastest private Internet available.

Other VPN solutions require software installations on each device and experience large declines in connection speed. Smart devices such as TVs, thermostats, video camera, streaming music systems and home assistants that cannot run VPN services are also not protected from the ISP skimming data.

Cloud VPNs are subject to proxy server blocking from the content providers, making them undesirable for homes and offices that are looking for full time Internet privacy and protection. 


Level Up Your Game

MMO, FPS, RTS and MOBA players all suffer when latency increases making playing games and cloud VPNs at odds. Its a fact, the lower the latency, the better the player.

Cloud VPNs can add anywhere from 30ms to over 100ms of latency to a connection. As a result, most players turn off their VPN when they compete which leaves their connection subject to throttling and tracking by the ISP.

Console players don’t even have an option to VPN.

Datacamo solves these issues seamlessly and we have found many instances of faster download times and lower latencies than unprotected connections because we access more direct routes to gaming servers and block ISP throttling behavior for network management.

You are our Customer

Not our Product


“Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, It's an absolute prerequisite.” 

-Marlon Brando